ACE Filters manufacture and export a comprehensive range of fry oil filters for most commercial and industrial needs.
Products Features
Magnesium Silicate Powder Removes carbon and fatty acid, extents the life of fry oil
Filter Cones Remove soild particles with 80 microns
Filter Sheets Remove soild particles with 70 microns
Filter Bags Remove soild particles with 4 microns
Filtration Machines:  
Econopump Automatically filter the frying oil with 20L to 68L capacity within 6 minutes
Proserv Automatically filter the frying oil with 20L to 90L capacity within 6 minutes
Oil Handy Protable filter machine to filter frying oil even in the operation of cooker

ACE Filters also manufactures different shapes and sizes of filters which suit every need.

For further information, please contact Mr. Dennis Chan:
Tel : (852) 2798 9300
Mobile : (852) 9035 1428
Email : [email protected]

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